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Altmühltal-Radweg (Prunn)
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Altmühl Cycle Route

A "classic" among cycle routes

Altmühltal-Radweg (Dollnstein)

The Altmühl Cycle Route (Altmühltal-Radweg) is one of the favourite cycling routes in Germany. It follows the tranquil Altmühl river 166 km long from Gunzenhausen to Kelheim across the Altmühltal Nature Park and discloses the gorgeous beauty of the region. Along the route you will meet the imposing Jura upland rocks, typical heathlands with junipers, green meadows and wide spaces along the river. Enjoy your tour!

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Cycle Routes Upstream and Downstream

Would you like to ride more miles? You can start your cycle tour upstream, in Wertheim or Rothenburg o.d.Tauber, and ride on the Tauber-Altmühl Route (Tauber-Altmühl-Radweg) before reaching the Altmühl Cycle Route.

Are you an indefatigable cyclist? Then you should consider cycling to Regensburg and further on – where the Altmühl Cycle Route comes to an end, you can follow the Danube Cycle Route (Donau-Radweg).

Altmühltal-Radweg (Dittenheim)Altmühltal-Radweg (Eichstätt)Altmühltal-Radweg (Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal)

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