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Auf dem Main-Donau-Kanal bei Essing

Ship ahoy!

A boat trip is the best way to discover the Main-Donau-Kanal, the navigable canal opened in 1992 between the rivers Main and Danube.

The lower Altmühl valley up to Dietfurt, Beilngries and Berching is characterised by the Main-Donau-Kanal. Its banks are often sided by impressive limestone rock walls, like the splendid setting of Essing. Of course this nature scenery seems even more beautiful from the water. Boat trips are a great way to enjoy landscape. Along the canal you will see the feudal castles of Prunn, Riedenburg and Eggersberg, witnessing to the glorious Middle Age. Come on board and enjoy a trip with the "Personenschifffahrt im Donau- und Altmühltal" shipping company – you will discover nature from its quiet and spectacular side.

Fossa Carolina

Fossa Carolina im Treuchtlinger Ortsteil Graben

The Charlemagne's Canal

Connecting the North Sea and the Black Sea through a navigable canal is no modern idea at all – Emperor Charlemagne already started this project in 793 by building the canal named after him!

By building the Fossa Carolina (also called "Karlsgraben") he wanted to connect the rivers Main/Rhine and Danube through their tributaries, respectively the Rezat and the Altmühl. A part of this masterwork of medieval engineering is still to be seen near Treuchtlingen.

The Ludwig's Canal

Treideln auf dem Ludwigs-Kanal

Peace and relax...

… are to be found still today on the banks of the Ludwigskanal, closed in 1950.

The forerunner of the modern Main-Donau-Kanal was built between 1836 and 1846, its commercial significance declining soon afterwards. Nowadays, however, it provides great fun with trips on towpath-hauled boats.
Auf dem Main-Donau-KanalMit dem Schiff durch den Donaudurchbruch bei WeltenburgRadler am Kanalalter_kanal.jpgAltwasser am Kanal

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Naturpark Altmühltal
Naturpark Altmühltal