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Ein kleiner Frauenwagen von Audi

An Ideal Point to Start Your Day Trips from

The Altmühltal Nature Park is an ideal departure point for your day trips in the surroundings – in fact it lies right in the middle of Bavaria. Its southern "boundary", for instance, is marked by the city of Ingolstadt, home to one of the best-known German car manufacturers – Audi.

On the Audi site visitors are welcome in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt to discover the Audi world, its present and its past for instance in the fascinating "museum mobile".

Ingolstadt itself is a "small metropolis" rich in modern life and entertainment, with a lively theatre programme and shopping facilities, as well as historical buildings and interesting museums.

A Unesco World Heritage Site



A Unique Medieval Centre to Fall in Love With.

In the Middle Age Regensburg was one of the most important cities in Europe, both politically and commercially. Great buildings and monuments like the cathedral and the stone bridge are still witnessing to this grandeur, and Regensburg has therefore been declared a world heritage site by Unesco.

Regensburg can be easily reached by car in about one hour from the Altmühltal Nature Park or by bus joining in one of the many day trips offered on site.

Nuremberg and Munich

An der Nürnberger Kaiserburg

A Hour Drive Only...

The Bavarian metropolis of Nuremberg (Nürnberg, to the North) and Munich (München, to the South) are only a hour drive away.

The ancient imperial city of Nuremberg (photo) is known as the Franconian metropolis with all the charm of the Middle Age. Modern history plays a role also in the centre Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitag, where this fascinating city meets its past and its role in the Third Reich.

Munich is really well worth visiting, and not only during the popular Oktoberfest. International museums, great shopping opportunities and cosy beer gardens are the main feature of this beautiful, open and utmost attractive city.

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