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Burg Prunn

When Stone Walls Tell About Life and History

All over the Altmühltal Nature Park castles, palaces, churches and abbeys tell visitors about the region's fascinating history

The castle of Prunn (photo), close to Riedenburg, for instance, is considered one of the most beautiful feudal castles in southern Bavaria. It is one of the best-preserved castles in Germany, indeed. Its central late Romanesque structure and its mighty keep date back to the early 13th century.

Churches, Convents and Monasteries

Krypta der Wallfahrtskirche Bergen

Praising the Lord

Sacred buildings in the Altmühltal Nature Park are well known all over the world.

As we can see from the picture of the crypt chapel with a nave and two aisles dating from 1095 A.D., the Baroque pilgrimage church Heilig Kreuz to Neuburg-Bergen was built on the remains of a Romanesque monastery church.

In Solnhofen seven churches were built in succession, the first one dating back to the 7th century - the St. Sola basilica from the 9th century allows an interesting insight in the history of local early Christian architecture.

Living Castles


Proud Knights

Botanical events, medieval jousts, hawk houses and falconry – here you will always find something new to discover!

The castle of Pappenheim (photo) stands proudly over the river Altmühl: here in the Summer medieval jousts and festivals take place.

The castle of Hexenagger (close to Altmannstein) is well known also because of its enchanting gardens. Every year in December they are the scenic setting of a particularly charming Christmas fair.

Sola-Basilika in SolnhofenFrühgotische Fresken in der Pfarrkirche KottingwörthKloster PlankstettenEichstätter WillibaldsburgWeihnachten auf Schloss Hexenagger

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