Educational Trails

Eine Infotafel über den Blumenberg

Learning Out in the Open

At present you can find 48 educational trails in the Altmühltal Nature Park, which inform about the park, nature and its cycles, as well as about history, geology and archaeology in the region.

All itineraries aim at providing better knowledge of the nature park and its past. Information boards tell you about biotopes and animal and plant life in the area. You can learn more about the legacy of the Romans on three different paths: in Burgsalach you can discover the remains of a small Roman "burgus", the only one of its kind in Europe. In Erkertshofen you can admire the sole re-built watchtower in stone in the whole of Bavaria. In Pfünz you can visit the former castell Vetoniana, whose northern facade was re-built together with the adjacent walls and the completely furnished guardroom, and have an idea of Roman soldiers' life in a castell.

Altmühltal Archaeological Park

Begehbarer Grabhügel der Hallstattzeit bei Riedenburg

The largest archaeological park in Bavaria…

… can be explored on foot or by bicycle. The area between Kelheim and Dietfurt features the longest educational trail of the region:

39 km (24,23 miles) and 15 boards at regular intervals. But the Altmühltal archaeological park is more than this - it is a successful combination of History and its many stories, of museums and surrounding landscapes to be experienced, and of tourism and art.

Naturpark Altmühltal
Naturpark Altmühltal