The Roman Limes, a Designated UNESCO World Heritage Site

Im Pfünzer Römerkastell Venoniana

The Ancient World Comes Back To Life

Impressive castells - the Roman military forts -, remains of Roman baths, rebuilt farms or "villas", reconstructed watchtowers, extraordinary treasures, museums and historical festivals – come and discover the Romans' footsteps in the Altmühltal Nature Park.

The legacy of the Romans and of those eventful times implies a strong commitment: barely 2,000 years ago the Roman Limes - since 2005 a designated UNESCO world heritage site - ran north-west to south-east through today's Nature Park. Close to the Limes, at its back, civil settlements were built. Nowadays archaeological sites, buildings and documentation are a witness to hundreds of years of Roman military and cultural rule over this region. This ancient world coming back to life never fails to fascinate visitors.

Moreover, the legacy of the Romans in the Altmühltal Nature Park can also be discovered firsthand by going on a hike or taking part in historical festivals, dedicated activities for children or guided tours.

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Naturpark Altmühltal
Naturpark Altmühltal