Tracking the Ancestral Bird Archaeopteryx

Travel through time back to the Jurassic!

About 140 million years ago this region was covered by a large lagoon, it had a subtropical climate and it was home to animals like ammonites and Archaeopteryx birds - a transitional species between reptiles and birds. Nowadays we can imagine how its landscape was looking like searching for fossils in one of the Altmühltal Nature Park's stone quarries.

Exhaustive information about fossils and geology are to be found in the region's specialised museums, too. They are like a window looking onto the Jurassic era and its mysteries. Besides impressive exhibitions, here you can also find guided tours both for adults and ...

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Der AmmonitEine Familie beim SteineklopfenUrvogel ArchaeopteryxFossilien suchen im Naturpark AltmühltalEine Junge beim Steineklopfen

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