Culinary Specialities

köstliche regionale Küche

Culinary Delights in the Altmühltal Nature Park

In the Altmühltal Nature Park three Bavarian regions join their peculiarities and their traditional cooking as well. Here you can find "Bratwürste", i.e. grilled sausage meat from Franconia, "Kässpätzle"-egg noodle with cheese typical of Swabia, as well as the mouth-watering "Schweinebraten" roast pork with a crunchy rind, a speciality from Upper Bavaria. Regional delicacies also include freshwater fish from the local streams and rivers and light and tasty dishes of vegetables.

Besides in "Biergärten", the traditional Bavarian beer-gardens, these specialities are to be found both in the typical inns and restaurants with their home-made cooking, and in the finest restaurants, too. They are always served together with some good wine or excellent beer – of course produced by one of the many historic breweries in the Altmühltal Nature Park.

Lamb meat is another regional quality delicacy – known as "Altmühltaler Lamm" it owes its delicate and distinctive taste to the sheep being put out to natural pasture in the region's juniper heathlands. Meanwhile many cooks offer this delicacy in their menu, which is greatly appreciated by their customers.
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Gold für sieben Gasthöfe

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Naturpark Altmühltal
Naturpark Altmühltal